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So Now You Have Your Website!

But How Do You Build Trust
With Your Site Visitors?

On today’s Internet, there are many factors that help small and medium business establish a reputation of trust online.  Google recommends that every website engage in a number of brand and trust building activities to demonstrate to your potential customers that you are real and worthy of their trust.  Of course, what they are saying is that you need to demonstrate that you are worthy of their business!

Website Trust Expands Your Business

7 Requirements for Creating Online Trust

Take a look at your website, and ask yourself these simple questions.  The answers relate directly to your trustworthiness online.

    1. How well is your site designed?
      Poorly designed sites cause concern in web visitors!
    2. Is your content well written, designed, and presented professionally?
      Content that is poorly written, or full of typos, suggests your are not professional!
    3. Is your business information clear and easily found?
      Structure and navigation are keys to showing you know what you are doing!
    4. Do you have detailed “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages?
      Incomplete information about your business suggests you have something to hide!
    5. Do you have industry “Trust Seals” verifying your business?
      This tells your visitors that you are not real, that you may have something to hide!
    6. Do you have positive reviews of your business?
      Reviews are important, they tell visitors that they are not the first to buy from you!
    7. If you have social media pages, are they relevant and updated?
      Just having social media pages is useless unless there is a commitment, better not to have them if you can’t maintain them!



The Secret Of Website Trust BadgesTrust Verified Is Trust Real

You have created your business.  You have an office or a store.  You are even on the web.  Everyone knows who you are right?  No they don’t.

There are a billion websites out there, and the sad fact is that a significant percentage are fraudulent or disreputable.   How is your any different?

From the first interaction, to first lead form or sale, to referral businesses – customers who trust you feel more confident, and will interact, transact, and refer more.

Who To Trust

In a world where online security has become an important element of our lives, it is becoming more difficult to trust information without confirmed verification.

Experts Agree

Most industry experts view Trust Seals as essential to the trust equation.  These help users to judge the trustworthiness of services, products, or businesses offered on the web.

We Verify But Keep Your Information Confidential

In one day, we verify your business information so your customers know you are real and who you say you are, but we don’t publish your confidential information.  We only state that you have been verified.


It’s About Trust

    • Trust Brings Site Visitors
    • Trust Breeds Word Of Mouth Awareness
    • Trust Increases Sales In Your Store And Online
    • Trust Must Be Verified



The Facts About Trust Seals

Trust Seals can give small and medium business increased credibility, but does it translate into tangible results? According to Symantec (the people behind Norton Security), they conducted a number of studies with businesses that use the Trust Seals and found that sites with a Trust Seal saw a 25% increase in traffic on average.

According to Cazoodle, which runs search engines for shopping, vacation rentals and apartment rentals, it has seen a 9.36% increase in click-through traffic during an eight month period for businesses whose search results include Trust Seals.  “Trust is very important these days, particularly in relations to small businesses…”


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